Virus Troll

About this game

A kind of virus is attacking the ASCETIC city, where everyone is always very serious, making people become rebels. People who are affected by the virus become out of control, they troll everyone in the city, make fun of other people and doing nothing but running around the city and make a lot of mess. There has not been any kind of medicine to treat these people, experts call this creature Virus Troll.

The dangerous thing about Virus Troll is that it has the fastest spread speed among all kind of virus, the affected people only have to touch a normal one and that virus has a new victim.

Imagine you are the leader of Troll Rebels, your mission is to catch as many victims as possible and lead the Troll Troop run around the city to collect golden coin. The number of victim you have is also the number of life you can lose until the game is finish so try to protect your people, do not let them fall down the street or be crashed by a car.

When having enough coins, you will be able to by various type of equipment in our shop in order to increase the strength of your rebels, so pay attention to those little coin on the way.



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