Soda Freshing

About this game

YUCKKKKK!!! Your soft drink factory is being attacked by disgusting bugs and insects. 
Unfortunately, some of your product has just been poured into bottle which hasn’t been covered yet, and those animals have reached many bottles among them which made the drink unusable anymore. Stamp the rest right now and as much as possible if you don’t want your hard work to be ruined by such small disgusting bugs.
You will want to avoid those bottles with the bugs standing on it, each time stamping on the wrong bottle your life end which mean you will have to start stamping all over again. So pay great attention on what you are going to stamp on.
Try to stamp as many bottle as possible each turn. The point is as simple as that.
Shall we start the conveyor now? 



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May 08, 2018
February 13, 2017
November 14, 2013

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