Crazy Chicken Shooter

About this game

Chicken hunting season has begun, let’s go and see who will win the prize “Crazy Chicken Shooter” of the season. Take this shooting game and show people your amazing shooting skills today.


There is a giant chicken flock flying freely everywhere, your mission is to shoot as much chicken as possible. Chicken hunters has 60 seconds each turn but if you can manage to shoot the golden eggs, you will have more time bonus for the game.


Beside the basic slingshot, chicken shooter have some other supporting option such as grenade, auto refill and machine gun which you will have to use coins to buy. These tools will definitely helpful if you want to shoot a greater number of chicken in one shot.



- 18 missions with different levels of difficulty

- High definition background image

- Amazing special effects

- Simple yet addictive game play

- Lucky spin where you can try your luck and win more coins everyday



STARMOBILE is a young game studio, we make the world better by bringing joy and fun to people.

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