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About this game

Start collecting Jewels froms our farm today

Not as simple as Bejeweled with a set of diamonds, Farm Rescues attracts players by adorable farm animals in cute farm background.

How to play?

If you are familiar with match-three game like traditional Bejeweled or recently Candy Crush, you may have known that the game play is very simple yet challenging when you only need to switch 2 diamonds to create 3 or more diamonds of the same color to make a crush and get the score, the higher the better.

In farm rescues, the diamonds are replaced by farm animals. Not like Bejeweled, in this game, you are a farmer and as a farmer, you have to collect the required number of animals in each level.

Game features

This game is totally free, but whenever you find it too hard to reach the bejeweled goal, you can use the diamonds in your game account to buy some helping items.

Join our Farm heroes team and rescues all the treasures from the monster with other 30 thousands friends who have been enjoying the game now.




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