Rock Paper Scissors - 123

About this game

One Two Three is originated from a traditional game of Asian kids Rock Paper Scissors where two people defeat each other by showing hand signal at the same moment. Each hand signal represent a tool and if one person show the tool which can beat the other’’s tool, they will win the batch.

There are only 3 tools that needed to remember

  • Rock: hand create a fist
  • Scissors: hand showing the pointing and the middle finger (like victory symbol)
  • Paper: hand spreading widely

The rule is:

Rock beat scisors, scisors can cut paper and paper can cover the rock

In the game, you will play with an imaginative charater, all you have to do is decide whether you won, draw or lose within 2 seconds after each batch. The difficulty level will increase as there will be 4 to 6 hand play at a time.


  • Simple and cute graphic designs
  • Fun yet challenging
  • Not require a lot of time to play

Try one two three today and see how far you can go.



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